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7 Best Tools Used by Plumbing Companies in Edmonton

It is very important for the success of any kind of project while being prepared for a plumbing job and having the right set of tools. These are the tools that are going to assist you to handle any kind of plumbing issues with the help of a torch to the plumber’s putty. This is the list that is required by the professionals of plumbing companies in Edmonton.

Tools used by the plumbing companies in Edmonton 

  • Plungers 

No hand tools can beat a plunger if we are talking about the basic plumbing tools. It also is one of the number one items on the plumbing tools list as most of the homeowners should own a plunger. A plumber should be able to carry one as it is quite essential here. To meet each of the jobs, plumbers should be equipped with the specific plumber that will be the right fit.

Cup Plunger 

Cup plunger is the most common type of plumber. By placing a rubber cap over the drain, it is used for unclogging the showers, sinks, and bathtubs.

Flange Plunger 

For unclogging the toilets, a flange plunger is a plunger that is specifically made. In order to fit snugly into the hole of the toilet to seal well for the optimum pressure, it is a cup plunger that has a soft rubber flap designed accordingly. There are few flange plungers that can also be used as cup plungers as well.

  • Pliers 

Pliers allow for the tightening and loosening of the nuts and bolts within smaller and harder to reach areas. This is a tool can come in handy when a wrench doesn’t fit in the space you need to contact.

  • Channel Locks 

Pliers with adjustable jaws that can lock into place depending on the size that you need them to be, channel locks, or tongue and groove pliers are the adjustable jaws. When you are in need of two pliers of the same size, or when you should be holding single pliers with pliers unscrewing the second pipe with the rest.

  • Slip Joint Pliers 

They are the water pump pliers or groove pliers when it comes to the slip joint pliers. To grip the other tools as these are often used since they have a slot in the head sliding up and down adjusting to the width that you need.

  • Drain Snake

Using a snake is the other step when the plunger is not clearing the clog. The motorized device with a cable that is fed down a pipe in a circular motion for clearing away any kind of obstructions within the pipeline is what a snake is.

  • Drain Auger 

It is used for clearing more extensive lines when it comes to the functioning of the drain auger. The hand auger also operates in the same way.

  • Wrenches 

The wrenches come in all shapes and sizes that are used for many other jobs. To ensure that you have the proper wrench or the pipe wrenches for every project is something that is important. On your plumbing tools list, this is an important item to have.

Adjustable Pipe Wrench 

To grip the pipes tightly with their sharp teeth, the pipe wrenches are designed in this manner. As they will be leaving teeth marks on smaller, shinier pipes, this adjustable wrench is mainly used on heavy-duty fixtures.

Basin Wrench 

For the work on the faucets, a basin wrench is a specialized tool. To fit into the tight spaces, it is a specialized wrench. To be able to reach behind the basin of a sink for the installing and removal of the valve, it is designed to be t-shaped and has a clamp-like mechanism.

Final Notes on plumbing companies in Edmonton 

The plumbing companies in Edmonton including the plumbers, pipefitters, and irrigation specialists should understand the complicated math formulas and know-how application for them in a job in order to calculate the flow rate of water within the closed pipe.

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